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How a City Boy Trades Driving the Freeways for Flying in the Bush

"Nobody else is out there, no air traffic control, no runways, no designated procedures..."

LA city boy Rob Norberg lives off the grid as a bush pilot in the Alaskan frontier

Conquering a fear of flying

I have been flying for twenty years and work as a seasonal bush pilot for a fishing lodge in Dillingham, Alaska. People stay for a week, and we take them fishing in the wild.

I grew up in LA, so I am a city boy, but I always yearned to see Alaska. For a year or two I read everything I could find on Alaskan bush pilots. Alaska still has that sense of frontier and freedom that allows you to be your own person, be somewhat off the grid, and not be so exposed to the crowds and the rigmarole of society. Flying is the ultimate extension of that because you are going to places only accessible by airplane.

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molly | May 03, 2011 | Fishing, Job Search, Small business, Sports | 7

The Salty Lobsterman

Lobster trapper Paul Rosen handles trawls and brawls to bring home the crustacean

"My favorite part of the job is that I am not bound by four walls."

“I associate lobster with fancy restaurants and expensive bills. Historians among us know this crustacean was originally a poor man’s meal in the early years of the colonies. But what about those peoplepredominantly menwho still fish for lobster in today’s economy and earn a living catching these little critters in their traps along the northeastern shore? Paul Rosen is one of those men. When I met with him in Provincetown, he struck me as a modern-day Popeye with burly forearms covered in tattoos and a deep voice scratchy from years of cigarettes.”

– Managing Editor and Chronicler Molly Rosen

Haulin’ my trawls

My typical day is waking up around 4:30 and grabbing my bait from the cutting house—fish skins, salmon heads, and the like. I use about 300 pounds of bait a day. Occasionally I use skate for bait if I can’t get my skins. I don’t really care for skate though, because they smell really, really bad.

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laura | November 07, 2010 | Fishing, Small business | 11

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